ShuShop “Phoebe” Nude
ShuShop “Phoebe” Nude

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ShuShop “Phoebe” Nude

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The PHOEBE silhouette is a favorite, inspired by 90s sneakers. These running-style shoes have a unique and distinctive color combination that gives them a funky look while providing outstanding support and comfort the perfect pair for hitting the pavement in style time and time again. Made from materials such as leather, fabric, and rubber, they are authentic pieces that offer versatile designs for your looks. The serrated outsole provides a comfy and steady stride with retro-inspired vibes. Don't miss out on the essence captured in each sole, and elevate your outfits. 

  • Leather, fabric & rubber 
  • Supportive and comfortable cushion 
  • Serrated outsole 
  • Lace front closure